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Coffee and Magnolia: 9 July 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

The poor Magnolia Oak that didn't set. It was replaced yesterday.
The poor Magnolia Oak that didn't set. It was replaced yesterday.
Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports


There's a new oak tree on Magnolia Avenue, again. The tree planted in February never came through the transplant shock and the university decided to replace it around a month ago. The new tree went into the ground yesterday morning.


SEC Media Days is so close now we can see it on the 7 day forecast. We know who Auburn is taking, too. It's going to be Jeremy Johnson, Jonathan Jones, and Kris Frost.

If you're into recruiting, we have an update on what some Tiger targets and commitments are doing out in Oregon at Nike's The Opening this week.

Auburn quarterback Jeremy Johnson helped out at his high school alma mater's basketball camp this week. He spoke about his anxiousness for this season to begin among other things.

The VIP 25 is down to #3. I'm honestly surprised this isn't their #1 choice, so I look forward to seeing what the top two are. #3 is someone we hope will give Auburn a bit more of a defensive... edge... after missing last season.

What P5 opponents could Auburn pick up in 2018? takes a look at some possibilities. In many ways they came up with some of the same answers I did a month ago.'s Ultimate SEC Road Trip is on Week 11. You knew they were going to have Georgia at Auburn on this list. There's no way they couldn't highlight Georgia's return to the Plains after what happened last time.