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Auburn Tigers College Football Playoff Odds and Ends has released their latest round of preseason odds. It's once again... interesting.

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports's odds for the College Football Playoff are out as of this afternoon. They're pretty high on Auburn.


2015 Regular Season - Will a 2 Loss team make the 4 Team Playoff?       

Yes                   +250     (5/2) 

No                    -400     (1/4)     

2015 Regular Season - Will 2 Teams from the same Conference make the 4 Team Playoff?          

Yes                  +300     (3/1)      

No                    -500     (1/5)

First, let's look at their thoughts on whether or not a 2 loss team or two teams from the same conference make the playoff. During a good bit of last season there was a lot of speculation as to whether or not two SEC teams would make the playoff. At first it was Mississippi State and Auburn. Then it was Mississippi State and Alabama. It looks like Bovada is considering this season to be another decent chance at two teams making it. I'm sure that will change by the end of the season.

Auburn's Playoff Odds

So, where do the Tigers stand? Well, with 3/1 odds. That's tied with Florida State, Oregon, and the USC Trojans. Here are the odds that Bovada has posted:

Alabama - 7/4
Auburn - 3/1
Baylor - 4/1
Clemson - 9/2
Florida State - 3/1
Georgia - 4/1
LSU - 11/2
Michigan State - 11/2
Notre Dame - 6/1
Ohio State - 2/5
Oklahoma - 8/1
Oregon - 3/1
TCU - 7/5
UCLA - 6/1
USC - 3/1

So What?

Am I the only one a little confused on how Auburn's odds to make the 2015 College Football Playoff are so high, but the over-under for the Tigers' win total is 8.5? Is this just a case of Vegas - literally - hedging their bet? Possibly. If Auburn's defense performs at a decent level, it's easy to believe the Tigers will make a run at the playoffs. This is something I touched on when talking about Jeremy Johnson's Heisman Trophy odds earlier this week.

It's just strange that Vegas is high on Auburn's chances to make the playoff, but set the over-under on wins so low. I'm really curious how the betting on this one is going to go. I know absolutely nothing about gambling, but I admit to being intrigued on which of these gets the most bets.

Will more people vote for Auburn to make the playoff, or will more vote on the over-under of wins? If I had to guess, I'd say there will be a lot of people betting on Auburn to win more than 8.5 games than to make the playoff, but I think there will be a fair number of bets on both.