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Coffee and Magnolia: 10 August 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Tre Williams is expected to push for a lot of playing time at Linebacker this season.
Tre Williams is expected to push for a lot of playing time at Linebacker this season.
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One current and one former Tiger are set for the US Women's Amateur starting today. Good luck to them both!


Yesterday was Auburn's Fan Day, a much more understated affair than the annual Running of the Gumps across the state. You can see some YouTube videos of it on the official site's YouTube Channel, and you can also check out articles from and AuburnUndercover on it.


So, there's a ton of stuff that's gone on over the weekend. It all started with the announcement that Duke Williams missed Friday's practice. You can read our notes on Friday and Saturday's practice, here. Those have further links to other reports (though I've got other links in here!).

There's some good news for the future, though, as Auburn picked up commitment #4 for the 2017 cycle. It's yet another big one, which means the 2017 class is coming together nicely, already.

If Duke Williams doesn't make the field for Auburn this season, there are still options for Auburn at the receiver spot. We'll have more to talk on that in the coming days and weeks, but Jeremy Johnson has a history with a number of his other receivers, including Jason Smith. If Duke isn't able to go, examines all the other options for the Tigers.

"Can Auburn win the SEC without Duke Williams?" seems to be a popular question, right now. Chadd Scott says the Tigers cannot. I disagree, personally. It will be tougher to do, that's for certain, but not impossible.

The Montgomery Advertiser examines the man who is generally the most popular person on campus: the backup quarterback. Sean White is a bit of an unknown for many, and they tell his story.

Blake Countess is expected to make a big impact for the Tigers' defense, and in large part his being on the Plains is due to numerous calls by other Tiger defenders trying to encourage him to finish his college career at Auburn.

Speaking of defenders who are anxious for their first starts at new places, Louisville's Josh Harvey-Clemons is ready to get on the field against Auburn again. He is, of course, one of the two former UGA defenders who were involved in the Miracle at Jordan-Hare tipped ball. The other is now likely to be a starter for Auburn: Tray Matthews.

Auburn's defensive practices have been physical. How much so? Ten times more physical than last year according to true sophomore Tre Williams.

The first scrimmage of the preseason will occur today for the Tigers. Gus Malzahn wants to see how the young players are fitting in, so they'll get a number of the reps.

In ESPN videos, Marcus Spears of the SEC Network answered some fans questions about their teams, and Auburn gets on in there. He and Peter Burns also preview Auburn's first Will Muschamp defense, and rank the top newcomers in the SEC. There's also some brief clips of a number of SEC teams practicing in the first week, and Auburn of course made it in there.

In a strange, disgusting, but still kinda awesome story (which means a perfect story for Jeremy Henderson of The War Eagle Reader to break), "legendary" Auburn ball boy Jake Longenecker broke his nose running into sophomore defensive end Raashad Kennion. Why is he "legendary"? Well, go back to the Arkansas game last season and watch him streak down the sideline with Melvin Ray.

Kristi Malzahn joined other SEC Coaches' wives to speak out against domestic violence.

Just how well are Nick Marshall and Corey Grant doing down in Jacksonville? They're doing pretty dang well, actually. I'd say both of them have a decent chance to make the 53 man roster, but there's still a ways to go.