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Coffee and Magnolia: 12 August 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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So what's going on with the Duke Williams situation? I wrote a bit with thoughts on the matter, yesterday.

Will Muschamp spoke to the media after Tuesday's practice. Check out what he had to say about the defense in Monday's scrimmage and how things are looking overall after a week of practice.

What will Auburn's depth chart look like when the season starts? takes a stab at guessing who will be where.

The official site has a spotlight on Lawyer Tillman, Jr, a senior walk-on running back.

More preseason polls! Wooooo! Where do the voters have the Tigers in the preseason? Close to the same place the coaches have them, actually. has a roll up on all sorts of stuff on the 6th day of practice.

So, ESPN is running a fictional PAC12 vs SEC feature right now where they pit an SEC team against a PAC12 foe and then talk out what they think will happen. For Auburn, they have the Tigers playing against a familiar team: the USC Trojans.

So what does Kirk Herbstreit think of the SEC? He tells us in this video, which also warrants a FINEBAUM WARNING. How about Stewart Mandel? Who does he think will win the SEC West?

Carl Lawson made it onto Bruce Feldman's "College Football Freaks List" at the #23 spot. Sammie Coates took the top spot on the list last season.