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Coffee and Magnolia: 13 August 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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I wasn't really aware of it, but Auburn has apparently been given a Tree Campus USA designation for the last six years. That's a bit ironic when you think about it, but kinda awesome all the same. I know I love all of the big trees all over campus. They're one of the things that make the place so beautiful.


The team went on a surprise field trip and had a few fun adventures along the way. Check out the video here.


FOUR VERTS. FOUR VERTS. FOUR VERTS. You know you want to have WarRoomEagle explain how it's more than just "F^ck it, I'm Going Deep!"

They were testing the scoreboard last night. You could see it being done from a long ways off.

Every year Bill Connelly previews every single FBS football team in the country. He starts shortly after the season ends and does a team a day for all of the long months of the offseason. Yesterday was Auburn's turn as he previewed the 2015 Tigers.

One of the things Bill C discusses in that preview is how Auburn used Daniel Carlson for everything in special teams. He should only be on kickoffs and field goals this season, and he says he's confident from 60 and in. reports that Jeremy Johnson is on a "different level" so far this preseason camp. So, ummm... Duke? Duke can you please make sure you keep your head on straight and get back out on the field as soon as possible? I really want to see Johnson throwing the ball to you all season long.

Speaking of Duke, Jason Smith addressed the situation a bit when he spoke to the media last night. I may be reading into it too much, but it sounds like he expects Duke to be back with the team. I still hold to the thinking that Auburn will be ok without Duke, but I really hope he's back soon.

As I've noted before, Auburn's offense will still focus on the running game. Is there a running back who is starting to stand out as being the likely candidate for the lead role? It's sure starting to sound like it, as Roc Thomas is garnering praise from coaches of late.

That resolution calling for Auburn to claim more national titles? It did not make it through The Process. We had a link to Jeremy Henderson of TheWarEagleReader talking to the senator behind it the other day, but Jason Kirk of SB Nation spoke with him, as well.

Who are eight freshmen who can make an immediate impact in the SEC? ESPN tackles the question. I bet you can guess which Auburn freshman makes the list.