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Duke Williams Returns: Gus Malzahn Talks About Duke and an Austin Golson Update

After a week of being away from the practice field, Duke Williams returned to the field today for the Tigers.

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

When Dr Z submitted his article on the Duke situation, I was originally going to hold it until tomorrow. However, I had a feeling he would be back at practice today for some reason. So, I decided to go ahead and publish it so that it was relevant at the time and wouldn't need to be rewritten or completely scrapped. It looks like I was right, because:

Charles Goldberg has a bit more details on the official site about exactly what Gus said.

Does anyone think it will take Duke too long to work his way back up the depth chart? I still think he starts the season opener, but it could take a bit longer, I guess. That way he really feels it and it tests how patient he can be with the situation.

In other big news to come out of Gus Malzahn's press conference:

I think Auburn would be fine with Xavier Dampeer at Center, but Golson was obviously getting the most first team reps earlier in the preseason and was the presumed favorite for the job.

So far the injury bug that has bitten Auburn so often in the springs and preseasons over the past few years has seemed to have left to reap its harvest in other fields. I will now go knock on every piece of wooden furniture in my apartment to ensure that it stays away.