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Coffee and Magnolia: 18 August 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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WarRoomEagle continued to explain Auburn's aerial attacks yesterday with the short throws. As always, you can check out the full series even going back to last year's running game explanations in this story stream.

The official site profiled Kenny Flowers for its senior spotlight. The senior linebacker is looking to make an impact after a career mostly spent as a backup.

ESPN got the whole "inside access" treat into Auburn football and wrote a great feature on it. It's a shame the beat writers don't really have this type of access. It wasn't until's recent one-on-one with Gus that they spread over a few days that Gus Malzahn had given any one-on-one time with a member of the beat. Yet members of the national media get easy access.

Transfer Jamel Dean from Ohio State is quietly having an excellent camp for the Tigers. No one really even knew he was enrolled and practicing with the team until a few days ago. It sure is funny to hear how well he's doing after Ohio State told him he was medically unfit to play.

Speaking of new players, Jalen Harris is looking pretty good at the tight-end. For the times the Tigers will use a traditional tight-end, the  player on the field will be either a true freshman or redshirt freshman.

In position changes, Nick Ruffin has packed on some weight for the move to Safety and looks to be in a good position to get playing time there this fall. The Tigers are hurting for depth behind the starters, so there's plenty of opportunity for someone like Ruffin to step up.

Looking back on last season's Iron Bowl, Gus lamented the offense's performance in the redzone and other break downs. He believes the Tigers should have put up 60 on the Tide. Of course, that ruffled some feathers across the state and also set the state's resident columnist troll (as opposed to the radio variety) to write a piece criticizing Gus for that statement. There's a link there, somewhere, I promise. I just really don't want to give the guy page views for the obvious troll piece.

How is the quarterback situation in the SEC? It seems that's a question that's asked almost every day with so many quarterback races going on in the conference. It's nice to not have to worry about that this season as we have for most of the last decade.