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Coffee and Magnolia: 19 August 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Rudy Ford ready to make a play at the August 5th practice.
Rudy Ford ready to make a play at the August 5th practice.
Zach Bland / Auburn Athletics


The Tigers practiced before their trip to California, and posted some video highlights on the official site. If you're a soccer fan or have become one recently, we're going to have something a bit more for you a little later this morning!


Hey, remember how the Tigers played Colorado at midnight Central time last season as part of the 24 hours of college basketball thing? Well, it appears things will be a bit better for this year's game at the Auburn Arena. It will begin at 2pm local time.


Watch lists! It's Jonathan Jones' turn in the shoot for Emily to preview. Jones has received tons of pre-season accolades and is on the watch lists for three awards.

Continuing with another series, the position previews is on the Special Teams. Auburn is once again looking for a punt returner, and hopefully someone will step up to take the punting job over Daniel Carlson.

Gus Malzahn spoke to the media after the Tigers' first practice of the Fall Semester. Pre-season camp is over, and we're getting even closer to Game Week! What did he have to talk about? Injuries, scholarships, position battles, and more. For a little more complete wrap-up of what he said, check out the recap with full quotes.

The senior spotlight on the official site yesterday morning was for Xavier Dampeer. Dampeer is in the middle of a tough battle to become Auburn's starting center.

Speaking of seniors and of watch lists, did you know there was a Senior Bowl watch list? I didn't. Apparently there is, and nine Tigers made the list. Anyone paying attention to things like this and how well Auburn products are performing in the pre-season (like Chad Slade at Houston) should take note that Gus Malzahn & Company do indeed get players into the League.

Can we get more excited about Carl Lawson? I'm not sure that I can. The hype is reaching extraordinary levels, and if he reaches the potential all of the reports indicate he's capable of, then we could be privy to watching a very special player this season.

One of the Tigers' incoming freshman has the distinction of being the heaviest man on the defense. He's also coming off an ACL injury while a senior in high school, but he's not letting that slow him down.