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Coffee and Magnolia: 20 August 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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AU_Jonesy joins us to talk about the 2015 Auburn soccer team and to give everyone a little primer on some of the differences in the US collegiate game vs International rules.


Bruce Pearl does it all. He's a tireless promoter. He recruits five star basketball players. He helps push a broken-down van in rush hour traffic.

The 2015-16 Conference basketball schedule is out! The Tigers will play Kentucky at home, this season. That should be fun.


Do you have tickets to any Auburn football games, yet? Well, guess what? You better snatch some up from the small amount that are still available for the Ole Miss or MSU game unless you want to buy them on the street or on the secondary market. All of the other home games are sold out.

Younger guys are going to get a chance to contribute for the 2015 team, particularly at the TE/H-Back position and defensive backfield. Those are the areas that are either extremely young or hurting for depth.

After a career filled with injuries, Senior Justin Garrett looks to be a big part of Auburn's game plan against Louisville on September 5th. He will get a lot of time at the Sam Linebacker position, apparently.

One of Auburn's most sought-after recruits from last season who hasn't been spoken of that much in the preseason is LB/Buck Jeff Holland. ponders how early he will see the field.

One of the most interesting recruits to sign with Auburn in 2015 is Prince Tega Wanogho. With only one year of competitive football, no one really knows his full potential. He has lots of raw talent and amazing size at 6'8. What will he do for this season, though? Answer: Not much, as he's still coming back from an injury to his leg suffered in a January basketball game.

Lots of ESPN videos. Lots of FINEBAUM WARNINGS. First, a discussion of strength within the conference, then a discussion of who may represent the SEC in the CFB Playoff, and what's at stake for the league heading into the season, and a discussion on Auburn and Texas A&M, and a discussion on a very deep position group in the SEC: the running backs. asked its readers who should be on the "Mt Rushmore of Auburn Football." I'm not a fan of these, but you can check it out for yourself and see what the collective readers of think.