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Coffee and Magnolia: 21 August 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

We love ya, Chette
We love ya, Chette
Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports


The ladies are going to begin their season tonight out in California. Can we please get the Auburn Soccer jerseys for sale, UnderArmour? Those things are awesome, and I really want one.

Now is as good a time as any to reheat AU_Jonesy's preview of the 2015 Auburn soccer team. Y'all welcome in our new author/contributor!


Auburn faces a tough 2015-16 basketball schedule, and Bruce Pearl talked about expectations and reality surrounding it.I can't wait to see what Auburn's basketball team this season - which I'm tempted to dub "Bruce the Deuce" - is going to look like.

The women's complete 2015-16 schedule has been released, too. Check it out! I'm not ready to say Coach Flo is on a hot seat after last season, but if this season resembles last season, then she definitely will be. I think last year was an aberration, though.


Yesterday was actually a pretty full day on the site, with four full stories and the link dump.

First, there was the news that Bo Jackson was picked third team by the FWAA for their 75th Anniversary All America Team. I don't know about y'all, but that seems a bit low to me.

Then WarRoomEagle had another awesome breakdown of the way Auburn's offense works. This time it's the short routes and attacking the linebackers. Am I the only one that's hoping for a lot of slant routes?

After that, Emily Rios looked at Kris Frost, one of Auburn's two senior linebackers who is on the watch list for the Butkus Award.

The final article was on the Will Muschamp press conference after Auburn's Thursday practice. There's lot of good little nuggets about the way things are setting up for the team heading into the Louisville game in FIFTEEN DAYS.

Soooo, this can be a touchy subject, but there's an organization that has lodged a complaint about Auburn and its team Chaplain Chette Williams. I know there are some readers and commenters here who may disagree with me, but all I can do is say

Fart Noise

to those people. Chette is awesome, and he does great things for the team and for people in general. Lay off. previewed the SEC and asked whether Auburn can get past Alabama for the conference title. In particular they question whether the Auburn defense can do the job.

In that same vein, posits that the defense - along with QB Jeremy Johnson - is a reason why Auburn can win it all this season.

ESPN examined Auburn's position battles on their blog. There are a few of them, but it's telling that they don't mention the linebacker battle. They're just going with the things that were known for a while, but obviously haven't been paying as much attention to the news out of fall camp.

ESPN ranks the position groups in the SEC, and yesterday it was the offensive lines. See where Auburn's line (which still has some positions yet to be decided) stands amongst the rest of the conference. The Ledger-Enquirer examined the open positions on the offensive line.