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Coffee and Magnolia: 27 August 2015. The Wall Street Journal Article and the Usual Stuff

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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The full schedule for ESPN's Big 12/SEC Challenge is out. Auburn will take on Oklahoma State at 7pm on January 30th. That's a nice little break in the middle of the SEC schedule, but it won't be against a push-over team. OSU is a good basketball school.

The Wall Street Journal Article

Last night, the Wall Street Journal released an article detailing the athletics department at Auburn stepping in to save the Public Administration major because a large number of athletes (football and basketball players, particularly) are in that major. The report essentially says that the school determined the major didn't fit the academic mission, but it was saved when the athletic department lobbied to save it.

Personally, I'm not upset at this. The "outrage" from fans of other schools is stupid, too. Their ADs would do the same thing in the same situation. The fact that the athletic department offered to subsidize the major (the offer was rejected) makes me even less upset about it. If there's proof that this major gave easy grades, fake classes, etc (none of which has been alleged that I'm aware of), then I'll get outraged. But just lobbying to save a major that a large number of your athletes are in? Meh.


Emily previewed Duke Williams yesterday in her watch list profiles. He has been mentioned as a possible candidate for multiple post-season awards, but not the one you would most expect. Check it out, here!

I'm trying to wrap up the position previews before game week begins on Monday. You'll likely get the running backs on Friday and finishing with the quarterback over the weekend. Yesterday the H-Back/Tight-End was up. That's a position that is the very definition of an "unknown."

I wasn't able to follow the Lashlee press conference to give a Tweet-cap last night, so I'll point you in the direction of's "quick hits" of the press conference. It's really hard not to get too excited as more and more positive stuff comes out of these press conferences. I know the coaches can be sunshine pumpers at times, but this has never been the staff that I feel does that. If anything, they're often the opposite. You can watch the full press conference, here.

Yes, Carl Lawson is aware of the attention and hype he's getting. No, he doesn't care. He's ready to hit the field for the first time since the 2013 BCS Championship Game and wreck fools in the offensive backfield.

Tray Matthews is anxious to get back on the field, too. He hasn't played since the end of the 2013 season, either, but that's because he transferred from UGA to Auburn. Let's hope Travaris Robinson has taught him to bring the boom by knocking the ball down.

We still don't know who's going to start at running back against Louisville. I think they'll all get carries, but I'd really like to know who's in front. I think it's Roc Thomas right now, but it's interesting to read about Lashlee's worries about him getting hurt with the way he spins and cuts so much.

ESPN is big on videos, nowadays. There are multiple videos up. First there's one examining the Tigers' 2015 schedule. Then there's one from Greg McElroy (whom it pains me to say has been very good lately as an analyst) on what Auburn fans can expect from the defense.

The SEC will be using a medical observer this season to help with things like possible concussions. They laid out exactly how they plan to do that, yesterday.