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Coffee and Magnolia: 3 August 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Zone Read Ninja Nick looking to become Pick Six Nick
Zone Read Ninja Nick looking to become Pick Six Nick
Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

There's a ton of stuff to report, as you would imagine given that we don't publish a link-dump over the weekend. So, settle in and get your fill of all things Auburn from the weekend!


Auburn has extended the contract of head softball coach Clint Myers. This will likely keep Myers in place at Auburn through his retirement. My thoughts on this?

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Emily is back to give you profiles of all the Auburn Tigers listed on pre-season Watch Lists. She started with Alex Kozan, who is listed as a candidate for the Outland Trophy.

The football team "reports" today (they've all already been on campus for months)! They will hit the practice field for the first time tomorrow afternoon. The schedule for now until classes start on the 17th has been released. Auburn will actually have three full weeks of school between classes beginning and the first game of the season with the late start, this year.

MOTHRATRON is alive. It's ALLIIIIIIVEEEE. Watch it turn on, here! What are the plans for the back side of that video board? Well, there are a few possibilities being discussed.

Auburn has listened to fans' concerns about game day experiences in the past and promises to do so in the future. The new video board and sound system are direct results of those. I do find it funny that one of the things folks are talking about now are returning to paper shakers.

In the 12-For-12 series of the Montgomery Advertiser, they are up to the Georgia and Idaho games. I may have covered it on Friday, but also hit the Idaho game. For another fun look at Auburn from an opponent's perspective, Mountain West Connection previews Auburn for the San Jose State crowd.

Continuing their sit-down with Gus Malzahn, discussed an issue with Gus that should make Auburn fans happy: Gus loves the college game and doesn't really care for the "business" aspect of the NFL. You can listen to portions of that interview in their "Prime Directive" podcast. He also spoke about the 2013 BCS Championship Game, and the Tigers' chances this season.

They also have a feature examining the receivers of every SEC West team. The big questions for Auburn will be just how much the receivers not named Duke Williams step up for the 2015 season.

It's been discussed before, but here's a bit more on how Auburn (and other teams) are using virtual reality headsets to help with practices, learning reads, etc. That's is a fantastic tool. Think about it, you can program different defensive sets, set a time-limit, and drill the QB on making quick reads on different sets in short amounts of time. And that's just the simplest thing you could do with it, since you could do that with simple stacks of pictures, anyway.

In front of the paywall, Scout has a video of the biggest questions facing Auburn this fall.

ESPN has a ton of Auburn content up at the moment. First, there's an examination of what Jeremy Johnson provides to the Auburn offense. Sticking with the quarterbacks, Greg McElroy ranks the quarterbacks of the SEC. Say what you will about him, I have to admit I've found him to be a very fair evaluator on the SEC Network. Going further with him, he and Dari Nowkwah examine the best/worst cases for the 2015 Tigers. Finally, the Tigers are featured in an ESPN bit about SEC teams hitting the practice fields this week.

B1G Commissioner Jim Delany is bragging about his league going to nine conference games and not playing FCS foes to tout their strength of schedule. The fact still remains that his top team is playing just as many ranked pre-season ranked B1G teams as Alabama is: one.

How is former Tiger QB Nick Marshall doing in preseason camp with the Jacksonville Jaguars? Oh, nothing much. Just pulling down pick-sixes. AuburnUndercover has information on Marshall and other Tigers rookies in the NFL in a non-pay-walled article.