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Will Muschamp Talks Starters, Freshmen, and Louisville

Tonight was defensive coordinator Will Muschamp's turn with the media following Auburn's practice. All credit to the beat writers who were there.

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

So quick thoughts...

Carl Lawson is a special young player.. I love that Muschamp praised his work ethic. We know from his comments in the off season that he was studying film all last season in an attempt to improve his game. I can't wait to see him back on the field, again.

Muschamp praised Petrino's offenses. I don't think this should be a shock or for one second interpreted as "coach speak." Everyone who has watched him knows that he's a special play caller. Auburn RB Coach Tim Horton (who coached under Petrino at Arkansas) said he's the best play caller he's seen. We know the Tigers' D is going to have its hands full facing Petrino.

No decisions on the linebackers, yet, huh? Muschamp said "all four will play," but just who does that mean? I assume it means Frost, McKinzy, Garrett, and Tre Williams. Muschamp also mentioned freshman Jeff Holland as someone who will play, so I'm guessing that means Holland will play as an end or at the Buck.

Speaking of freshmen, I'm guessing Byron Cowart is starting to live up to his recruiting ranking. Muschamp was clear he won't be a "situational" player. I'm looking forward to seeing what he and Lawson can do when they're on opposite ends of the line (with Adams and Russell in the middle).

Bonus! I included a bit from Marcus Davis at the tail end. He told the media that he's the starting punt returner. I really thought that might be Jason Smith, but I'll trust the coaches with that one. We've been pretty good at returns over the past two seasons, after all.

It's Game Week. Football is just days away.

And now to the tweets!