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Auburn Football and Superstitions: Last Year's Finish Was All My Fault

Let's take a look back at last season and prepare for this season with righting a wrong.

A wrong has been righted.
A wrong has been righted.

Last season, just before the first game of the season, I asked the writers of College and Magnolia to give their particular superstitions about Auburn football. For the hilarity and awesomeness, I highly recommend checking out that post.  Be sure to read the comments, too. New writer (and long-time commenter) AU_Jonesy is in there, and it's fun to see the general insanity of us all.

Now, on to the point...

It Was All My Fault

I'm sorry.

Last year's collapse down the stretch? It's my fault. I made a big change that I didn't think would have any real effect, and yet we never won another big game after I did it.

My Georgia Southern fandom is well known at this point. Well, in the week leading up to the 2012 Texas A&M game, I decided I wanted to add something to my truck to represent Georgia Southern a little better. At that point I really didn't have anything on there. So, I removed my AU Alumni license plate from the front of the truck and replaced it with a Georgia Southern license plate.

GS Plate

The rest is, as they say, history.

This afternoon I righted that wrong. As we approach the opening game of the 2015 football season, I swapped my plates back.

Auburn plate

Rest easy, everyone. It's all taken care of, now.

For The Community:

If you're new (or have been here a while and have updates), please use the comments below as an opportunity to tell us your personal football superstitions!