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Coffee and Magnolia: 4 August 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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Football isn't the only sport beginning fall practice, this week. The soccer team hits the field for the first time Wednesday to prepare for their season.


Lee Corso won't pick Auburn now, because Auburn is the only school not to allow him to don the mascot headgear when he picks them. That's fine by me! There's no headgear to don, after all, since Aubie is a real anthropomorphic tiger!

Football practice begins today! Hopefully we'll get a Gus Malzahn opening press conference this morning for a Tweet-cap. As we get into football season, though, we here at College and Magnolia are going to get into previewing the various position groups. We started with the defensive tackles, yesterday. went all out on their position previews, publishing all of them, yesterday. Rather than link to every single individual post, here's a handy link to a list of all of them!

Auburn is aiming to compete for championships with the start of preseason camp, according to That's kind of a no-brainer, but ok. The pieces are in place for a championship run, now we just have to see if they can put it all together.

Speaking of preseason camp, also has "Five burning questions" for the preseason that will go a long way towards determining just how the Tigers do this season.

Continuing their posts on the one-on-one interview with Gus, asked him the really important questions, like his favorite play, favorite music, etc. If you've missed the other installments, here's the 10 key things to take away from it.

Finishing their opponent previews, hit the Iron Bowl, which returns to Jordan-Hare for the first time since 2013's Kick Six. That will be loads of fun.

Auburn unveiled their "new" uniforms to the team, yesterday. Under Armour claims they do some amazing things, such as being virtually "ungrabbable." Here's a breakdown by the official site on the uniform, and a video of the team reacting to it.. It pretty much confirms everything Clint Richardson was able to discern from a very shadowy video back around A-Day. If you want an authority on Auburn uniforms, he's definitely someone to follow on Twitter. He does an excellent job of breaking down the differences between last season's uniforms and this season's in this tweet:

What all did Auburn (and other SEC) players do over the summer? ESPN features this story. I'm pretty sure most all of them did the same thing: summer school and "voluntary" workouts.

It's a Finebaum alert, but Brock Huard joined him to talk the SEC race.