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Coffee and Magnolia: 5 August 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

We are one month away from football.


Auburn picked up commitment #2 in the 2016 cycle, last night. They offered and the kid accepted on the spot.


The Tigers hit the practice fields for the first time, yesterday. Here's our quick recap of Gus Malzahn's press conference and notes from the beat writers. Click on that for more detailed links to the beat writers themselves.

WarRoomEagle continues his offensive explanations posts with routes Auburn uses to pick on the cornerbacks. If you're not caught up on his other articles, we have a story stream going with his offensive explainer posts from last season and this season right here.

Offensive Line coach J.B. Grimes is the man. Definitely one tough S.O.B. has a podcast now that they do every few days called The Prime Directive. WarRoomEagle took part in it to help explain Auburn's offense!

It's "Five Things" season again. has five position battles to watch, players with something to prove, and those with something to gain

WSFA has 10 reasons why Auburn fans should be excited heading into the 2015 football season. It's a video segment, so be warned on possible loud auto-play commercials.

The Montgomery Advertiser says the QB-WR combinations could make the difference for the Tigers in 2015. I'd bet they're right, since we're probably going to be throwing the football a good bit more.

I saw the tweet from AuburnUndercover saying two defenders would likely not be ready for Auburn's opener and got a little worried. Then I read the article and realized it's not anything we weren't already aware of or suspected before.

Jeremy Johnson is in ESPN's Top 100 football players list. See where he falls and what they think about him. What Auburn Tigers fall in their Top 16-20 SEC players?

In former Tiger news, it looks like the two Cams are having a good camp. CAP is proving his worth to the Carolina Panthers, already.