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Coffee and Magnolia: 6 August 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Wade Rackley - Auburn Athletics


It's this Sunday! For the football team, it will be the first day of rest following the start of spring camp. They're not the only ones with Fan Day at that day and time, though. It will also include the Soccer and Volleyball teams. Fan Day is from 3:30-5:30 at Auburn Arena and is free.


Yesterday was Day 2 of football practice is in the books, and you can catch up on the brief run down of the goings on, here. Hopefully we'll have even more for you this evening, but it may be a bit later, as I'll be away from a computer for the majority of the day, today.

If you haven't already read it, Joshua Black wrote an excellent FanPost that we put on the front page about Auburn and family. You should definitely go check it out.

Continuing the positions previews, we're on the defensive ends. I really don't know what to think of the defensive line as a whole, this year. We're the opposite of last season where the interior was supposed to be the strength. I do think we've got enough to be very good across the line as a whole, though.

You want to see MOTHRATRON via drone? Well here's your chance! It looks like this was taken on Tuesday, since the mural on the right side of the board is up, but not the one on the left. There will also be a giant AU that goes in between them. If you're upset with the murals, then just relax. Those will likely be replaced with some form of video screens next summer.

The coaches are looking for a pecking order among the running backs according to the official site. Don't expect for them to find one, soon, unless someone REALLY stands out. I think it will be the end of September before we know who the feature back is. There's also a feature on Michigan transfer Blake Countess and how he's fitting in with the team.

Countess is mentioned in an article on the ten transfers who could shape 2015 college football. I wouldn't count on Greyson Lambert at UGA being one of them, honestly, though they list him as one.

In other position news, the specialists are a big piece of the puzzle for Auburn this year after Quan Bray graduated and the Tigers look for someone to take over the punting role from Daniel Carlson. has a feature on that position group and what we can possibly expect. Aside from them, there's news on local product Stephen Roberts changing positions. It appears he's being asked to play at the Safety position.

Carl Lawson is full speed and he's itching to be unleashed. It's from a post-practice interview after Tuesday, but Lawson said he's not even given his knee a thought as he goes out there. ESPN thinks highly enough of Lawson that he makes it into their list of the top 15 players in the SEC. He's not quite so high in their overall top players of college football, but he's still on the list.

Do you like odds? Are you a betting man? Well, Auburn's odds to win it all have improved to 9 to 1. They're still up there among the best in college football. As a matter of fact, Sports Illustrated has the Tigers ranked #2 in the nation in their preseason poll and expect the national title to be the Tigers vs the Buckeyes.

I can't remember if I put it in yesterday or not, but Trovon Reed was picked up by the St. Louis Tigers. Or the St. Louis Rams, I guess. It's getting so hard to tell.