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Gus Malzahn Louisville Game Press Conference

Gus Malzahn met with the media to talk about the first depth chart of the 2015 season and gave some details on the Louisville game. All credit to the beat writers there covering it.

Myron Burton - the offensive MVP of A-Day - is no longer with the Tigers
Myron Burton - the offensive MVP of A-Day - is no longer with the Tigers
John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

With every passing day, the season feels just a little bit closer. That's even more the case with the release of today's depth chart.

You can examine the depth chart in detail, here. Now for some quick thoughts:

Dang, Myron Burton has left the team? He was the offensive MVP of A-Day, and I really thought he had a chance to do some good things, this year. Oh well. It still seems a strange time to leave a team, though.

All four of Auburn's running backs will play against Louisville. That includes true freshmen Kerryon Johnson. I can't wait to see him toting the rock with those other backs.

Duke is moving up. He's listed as a co-starter for his wide receiver slot. I still suspect Stevens gets the "Start," but that Duke takes over from there.

Gus reiterates that there will be growing pains with 8 true freshmen on the 2-Deep. Hopefully the rest of the team will be able to cover up for those pains and drive the Tigers through them. I also hope they learn quickly, since there are a lot of tough games early in the season.

Now on to the tweets!