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Watch Lists: Game 1

Who Watches the Watch Lists? We watch them! We'll break down the awards and profile the players to watch.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Jeremy Johnson: 11-21, 190 yds, 2TDs (one each passing and rushing) and 3 INTs. The good stuff from JJ was beautiful. The pass to Jason Smith that was negated by a holding penalty, the 33 yd pass to Ricardo Louis. But, the bad stuff was really ugly. I wrote about JJ's accuracy before the season started, but this wasn't the JJ we expected to see. I have faith that he was just trying to do too much on a big stage, and along with help from Malzahn and Lashlee, he'll get it fixed.

Duke Williams: 3 catches for 40 yards. Duke needed to get the ball more on Saturday, but part of JJ's problem seemed to be telegraphing every time he planned to pass to Duke.

Alex Kozan and Avery Young: The line played tough but the holding calls killed momentum. The line will gel and hopefully the holding calls are another thing that get sorted out soon. 

Kris Frost: 8 assists and 1 TFL. Kris is obviously a leader on the field, communicating to the other players when he notices something from the opposing offense. I think he's going to thrive under Muschamp. 

Jonathan Jones: 1 solo tackle, 3 assists. Improvements on the defense continue. 

Cassanova McKinzy: 4 solo tackles, 2 assists, 1 TFL. If he was trying to prove himself, that's a good start. 

Carl Lawson: 2 TFL, 1 sack, 4 assists. Carl Lawson was truly unblockable. What we need is for the Unblockable to stay Unbreakable. A big difference in the first and second half was Lawson coming out of the game. With Lawson, Adams and Cowart in the game together, that defense is downright scary. 

Special shout out to Daniel Carlson who is looking to work his way onto the Lou Groza watch list with a 56 yd field goal. I was sitting in the end zone he kicked into, and that ball would have been good for another 10 yards.