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Link sAUsage: 10 September 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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AU_Jonesy previewed the weekend in Auburn Soccer as the Tigers prepare to begin conference play on the road at Missouri before returning home for a match against South Alabama.


Devin Waddell - a walk-on - is a walk-on no longer. He earned a scholarship following his performance last season for the Auburn Tigers.


Former Auburn coach David Marsh will head the United States' women's swimming team for the 2016 Olympics. That's a pretty big honor and very well deserved.


Yesterday we finish most of the Week 1 stuff (there are still the Watch Lists to come). Dr Z was first with his Hindsight take on the game. As usual, he makes some straight-forward and excellent points.

Oscar Whiskey continues his stories of wanderings and wonderings about Auburn football as he speaks with a skeptic about last week's performance by the Auburn Tigers.

Remember WarRoom Eagle's "knockouts" idea? Well, he charted the knockouts of every FBS vs FBS game in Week 1. It's pretty interesting and you should definitely give it a look!

Auburn released the 2015 official hype video. I'm not sure if that's the entrance video or just one of the many hype videos they play before the games. I'm just waiting to see the Auburn University Marching Band's entrance video. I love that.

Jay Jacobs mentioned it yesterday, but today it's official: Auburn football is sold out for the 2015 football season. Every game. Before the season starts. Doing that type of thing consistently is what will lead to stadium expansions.

One thing Jacobs also did yesterday was publish an op-ed discussing how he feels athletic programs in the state of Alabama are at a disadvantage because of the lack of lottery scholarships as in states like Georgia. That's potential for opening a big political can of worms, so I'm going to avoid doing anything but saying he said it and you can read about it at that link.

Daniel Carlson can boom the ball. He's more than willing to try one from longer than the 56 yard kick he hit on Saturday, though. That particular one was good from 60+ from the looks of it.

Will Muschamp is concerned with nine plays in particular - power reads - that lead to close to 100 of Louisville's yards gained against the Tigers. That's one of many things he'd like to clean up.

Muschamp also said he would have embraced the role of having his defense having to make a final stand against the Cardinals in the game should they have recovered the onside kick. Coach Boom may have embraced that, but I'm not sure my heart could have taken the stress. broke down Auburn's defensive line performance against Louisville and how that played such a large part in winning the game for the Tigers.