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Link sAUsage: 11 September 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

This is one of my favorite pictures Auburn grad Shanna Lockwood has taken.
This is one of my favorite pictures Auburn grad Shanna Lockwood has taken.
Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

First, a remembrance. Fourteen years ago this morning I was a sophomore at Auburn. My roommate from the year prior (now a Major in the U.S. Air Force, a path he was not on at the time) woke me banging on my bedroom door and yelling "Dude, wake up! We're being attacked!"

I spent the next few hours watching the news feed as the Towers fell on live television. I remember needing an ID card and being on the access roster in order to get into the ROTC building for class over the next week. I well remember the shock and emotions in the days immediately following and knowing that my choice to go through ROTC and commission in the U.S. Army had just taken on a whole new meaning.

Now, I have Cadets who barely remember the event and who are shocked when I show them the video and discuss all of the stories surrounding it and how the Army immediately began changing. It's hard to believe it has been fourteen years. It seems like it was yesterday. Wherever you are today, take some time to think about those who lost their lives that morning and all those who have lost their lives since.

And now back to your regularly scheduled sports news.


Everett keeps you up to date with everything going on in Auburn this weekend if you're coming down for the football game and want to catch some other sports in action, as well.


Auburn welcomed a group of elementary students from Chicago to town, yesterday. You may remember our initial story on it a few weeks back. It's really an amazingly cool story and I can't wait to see those kids leading Tiger Walk on Saturday morning.


The 9th ranked Tigers tee off the 2015/16 season today in Dalton, GA. The Tigers are looking to continue their recent success in making the NCAA Tournament again this season.


Emily looked back at the stats of Auburn players who were considered to be players to watch for post-season awards. Some of them performed very well. Others not so much.

Matt Donaldson previewed Jacksonville State in our serious preview. There will be a lot to watch for in this game as the Tigers take on one of the top FCS schools.

Brandon Cox has some advice for Jeremy Johnson following the Louisville game. Cox has some knowledge on starting a career off with a bit of a rocky start, that's for sure.

The official site has a very neat story about how security keeps Jordan-Hare safe on game days. I've had the chance to speak with the Chief of Police in Auburn not so long ago and he talked a bit about this. It's quite an impressive deal.

ESPN says Auburn will go as far as the defensive line will take it. I think that's a fair assessment given what we saw last Saturday. Although I think a healthy secondary plays a lot into it, too!

The Reverend Chette Williams Act has been proposed in Alabama. It's a direct response to the Freedom From Religion Foundation sending a letter to Auburn and other schools protesting Chette Williams' position with the team.

See what former Tigers are playing in the NFL and where they're playing in this nice visual roster.