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Auburn vs Jacksonville State Staff Predictions

What do the College and Magnolia staff think about this game?

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports


Auburn wins 45-17. I want to see offensive sparks and defensive stops. And let's swat that injury bug, huh? WDE.


Missouri is a tough team that is coming off of two clean sheets. Their back line is disciplined, and they have a solid keeper. However, they've struggled scoring goals against teams that actually might surrender them. Auburn does not. Auburn 1-0 (OT).

USA has already beaten one SEC team, but that was State. This is Auburn. Tigers 2-0.

Oh you meant the other football. Here's what I'm looking for:
-Can Auburn get big-time movement on a defensive line that has FBS quality talent?
-Who will get the most carries? I think it will be Barber simply because he's the closest to 100%
-Can Jeremy improve on protecting the football? He can make all the throws, but the one we haven't seem him make is the one out-of-bounds when no one is open.
-There will be plenty of freshmen playing big minutes in the secondary. How will they acquit themselves? Does someone step up and show that they need to be in the rotation next week in Baton Rouge?
-Will Carl Lawson be pushed backwards? An NFL draft site put up a cut-up of every one of his snaps from last Saturday. He was never pushed backwards. Ever.
-Will we get to see Tucker?

[Editor's Note: Let's hope he's better at football predictions! The soccer team dropped last night's match to Mizzou 1-2]

Emily Rios

Ideally, this would be the kind of game where starters played until halftime and then some young guys get some work. But, I think its a tougher game than we'd like. JJ plays the whole game to work on his reads, work out the kinks. The starters on o-line work on blocking without holding before they get to LSU next week. I think a lot of younger guys play on defense, and hopefully we come out with a comfortable win, injury free.

Oscar Whiskey

Interpret as you see fit.

Two-Face Scene

Bobby Barkley

​Thanks to last Saturday's win, Gustav is still undefeated against violent or fight-provoking birds at Auburn...I think...


...yeah, I actually have no data to back that up, and as simple as it'd be, I don't even care to look it up, so I'm going to Barn ignorantly on this subject. If it's a violent bird, it will soon be a dead violent bird.

Unless it's our violent bird(s), because, well, I can't think of a more violent bird than an eagle that declares football war. Eagle > chicken. It's not rocket science (but Auburn has more rocket scientists than anyone in the SEC...again, not gonna look it up to verify because hard-Barn).

Clinic time today. JJ needs to get yards, Peyton needs to run all over creation, Duke needs to score touchdowns. All of these things will happen in front of the Auburn fambleh gathered around MOTHRATRON.

Auburn 42
Jax State's Fightin' Fowl 17

WarRoom Eagle

Who can take (most of) the day off: Ricardo Louis, Peyton Barber, Carl Lawson, Montravius Adams, Daniel Carlson.
We know what these guys can do. They proved it last Saturday.

Who needs to knock off some rust before conference play: Numerous young guys, plus Jeremy Johnson, Roc Thomas, and Jovon Robinson
I just want to see them perform well and get their confidence back before Gus sends Tucker Tuberville and Lawyer Tillman Jr. out there to finish the job.

Auburn - 45
Jacksonville State - 20

Dr Z

I actually think Jax St. hangs around for a quarter or so.  They're really a good FCS program and John Grass is a fantastic person and coach, similar to Gus in that he started in the Alabama High School ranks.  If he keeps winning at Jax State, look for his name one day.

I think Auburn puts this thing away by the second quarter, and we get to see a healthy dose of Kerryon (my wayward son) Johnson in the second half.

Auburn 48
Kenny Rodgers Roasters 14


Auburn's defense announces itself with authority and Auburn's talent at skill positions overwhelms Jack State in the second and third quarter.  Daniel Carson gets too much air under a 35 yard field goal which hits Mothratron causing it to explode like the Death Star.


I have a feeling the Cocks go limp early, and for fans of the Cocks, you never want to the Cocks to go limp early........


I'll show myself out now......

*peaks around corner*

Ok, I'm coming back but just for a second, because that's all it takes.*

Auburn comes out firing and never looks back. Jeremy looks crisp and gains some confidence. Hoping most major contributors can ride the pine the majority of second half and also hoping Tray and Carl sit the whole thing out to heal up for the Bayou Bengals.

52-14, Barn.

*No really, I'm really sorry.

Gabe Harris

[A new guy! He'll be taking over some of the polls and rankings things from Walt, and maybe some recruiting stuff at times]

Auburn slings it all over the field in the first half as JJ goes 16/20 with 250 yards and 2 TDs and 0 INTs.  Auburn doesn't throw a single pass in the 2nd half as each RB gets at least 10 carries including Kerryon.

Auburn 52
Jax State 17


Auburn will end up winning this one by a pretty big score, but it might not be as large as the panicky folks would like. For one, Jacksonville State is a very good FCS team. For another, I really think Auburn is going to use this game as a tune-up to work on finding exactly what works best for Jeremy Johnson. I think the defense is going to just go out and wreck fools like we've been wanting to see for a while, but the offense may still struggle at times. If that happens, don't worry. It's just ironing things out as we prepare for the heart of the schedule.

Final will be somewhere in the neighborhood of Auburn 49, Jacksonville State 10.