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Link sAUsage: 14 September 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of Internet

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Sorry this is late and short this morning. I had to cobble something together during the cool down time after my run because somehow I didn't even think about it, last night. We've got some really good content coming your way, today, though. So stay tuned!


The men's team won the Carpet Capital Collegiate by nine strokes, yesterday. That's a pretty good way to star the season for the 6th ranked Tigers. Meanwhile, the women lead in their tournament.


Well, the undefeated and scoreless streak came to an end Friday night, but the Tigers rebounded for a 2-1 victory on Sunday.


To wrap up the weekend here on College and Magnolia, there's an immediate post-game recap with my thoughts from immediately after the game. It was mostly relief. The new polls came on Sunday afternoon, and Auburn made a significant drop, as you would expect. Finally, Tuco put things into a bit of perspective as he talked about going to the game with his daughter.

Did you know there were injuries on the defense? Because there were. A lot of them. For most of the game, Auburn was without Carl Lawson and Tray Matthews (never played), Josh Holsey (hurt in game), and Justin Garrett (hurt in game). Oh, and Cassanova McKinzy missed some time due to injury, and Blake Countess missed the second half for a questionable targeting call. That led to a ton of young players being thrown into the fire against a very good FCS team and a quarterback who was playing the game of his life.

With that, three of those starters (Lawson, Matthews, and Garrett) are expected to play on Saturday in Baton Rouge. That's very good news for Auburn. Especially Carl Lawson. We're going to desperately need them, since as it stands right now the Tigers have the worst third down defense in the SEC. Failure to get off the field on third down is one of the big issues that almost led to Auburn's defeat on Saturday. The news is not so rosy for Josh Holsey, though, which is heartbreaking for him.