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Link sAUsage: 15 September 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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College Football Knockouts are back! WarRoom Eagle has put together a great idea for tracking this with the Ronda Rousey Award for Fastest Knockout and the Floyd Mayweather Award for Winning Without a Knockout.

Dr Z has his eyes on Auburn and looks back over the weekend and some good insight into things going on at Auburn.

Then there's Blake with his TAKES. There's potential for some troubling times ahead if Auburn can't fix a few glaring problems.

Bill Connelly says the Tigers have three problems that are all fixable. That should give some Auburn fans some heart. The Tigers still have to actually fix them, though.

ESPN states the obvious, that Jeremy Johnson isn't living up to the hype so far. I still think he'll be fine, personally. He did a good job leading the Tigers on those final two drives before overtime and then in OT, as well. All he needs is a little confidence and settle into reading the defenses. I hope, anyway.

One player who has been doing very well for Auburn on defense so far this season is Montravius Adams. The junior defensive tackle lived in the backfield at times last Saturday, but unfortunately while he blew up the running back, the QB would keep the ball. He's not happy, though, and wants to do a lot more.

On offense, examines Peyton Barber's first two games this season and his performance in each half. He's been pretty great as a second half back. They also ask whether or not we may not see Jason Smith in as the Wildcat at some point. Gus' answer during Tiger Talk sure didn't sound like it's been something they've worked a lot on. He talked about that and more during Tiger Talk. He also elaborated on some injury reports, as well. As many pointed out on Twitter, though, it's kind of hard to believe anything he says about injuries anymore, though. He often underestimates the status of players during these press conferences.

Ricardo Louis thinks the lack of big plays has been a big thing hurting the Tigers' offense. It's hard to argue with that. Other than a few plays, we really haven't seen the Tigers go deep, and as great as Barber is, he's not really a home run threat with the ball.

Jacksonville State's wide receiver Josh Barge, who caught every dang thing thrown his way, earned FCS Player of the Week honors. I'm really thinking that should have gone to their quarterback, but that receiver is worthy, too.

The TV Schedule is set for the 25th of September, and Auburn's game against Mississippi State will be an evening game. Whether it's at 6 or 6:30 and which ESPN network it will be on will be determined by this weekend's games.