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Wednesdays with (Oscar) Whiskey: S03E03 - Beers and jeers

In this episode, Oscar tries to have a relaxing beverage, but ends up having to talk about the thing that's led him to drinking in the first place.

You look like you could use a beer too, JJ.
You look like you could use a beer too, JJ.
Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

As it's been discussed almost nonstop for the past several days, our Tigers have not exactly been the best.  However, we are just a mere two weeks in and there is nothing else like a good trial by fire to really size up your team. I, for one, can think of very few other places than to test Auburn's mettle than Tiger Stadium.

It goes without saying the level of importance this match up has for both teams.  Not just in conference standings or poll rankings or future bowl positioning, but setting the tone for the rest of the season.  Walk away from Death Valley with a win and your team is ready to take on anything.  Walk away with a loss, well, at least you got a nice buzz from the bourbon fumes.  Well, that's just about going to do it from me for this week. Be sure to tune in next week! Same Whiskey time!  Same Whiskey channel! College and Magnolia dot com!