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Link sAUsage: 17 September 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

That thing is big as hell.
That thing is big as hell.
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T.J. Dunans has his sights set high for what he and his teammates want to accomplish while they're at Auburn. He definitely sounds confident in his abilities. I hope he's correct and that they do set some Auburn records!.


Oscar Whiskey continued his series in its awesome new format. You all need to go check it out if you haven't already. I'm really digging it.

We spoke with the folks over at And The Valley Shook in a Q&A. You can read their answers to my questions here and my answers to their questions there.

ESPN's Todd McShay talked about Auburn's offense against Jacksonville State on Twitter for a bit, yesterday. He had some interesting things to say.

This actually came out yesterday just before I posted the link dump, but I was running and missed it before the links were published. It's a fantastic and detailed article by Brandon Marcello about The Cigar Game - the last time Auburn defeated LSU in Baton Rouge. It's a great read.

Rhett Lashlee met with the media Wednesday evening after practice. He had some good news for Auburn fans about some offensive injuries, as both Jovon Robinson and Avery Young are expected to play, Saturday. He also emphasized that at 2-0, there's not one goal the Tigers had for 2015 that's unattainable. He did express concern at the lack of explosive plays so far this season.

Oh, and editing this in 45 minutes after publishing... Malzahn said that T.J. Davis could be back as early as next week on the SEC teleconference. That would have to be one of the quickest returns from an ACL tear I've ever seen. He tore it just before spring break. We could sure use him in the secondary, though.

Looking at things from the other side, here's an article in the New Orleans paper about three things LSU needs to answer against Auburn.

Auburn isn't the only team dealing with injuries in this one. Preseason All-SEC DB Jalen Mills is not expected to play for LSU. LSU will also be looking to be more balanced on offense, as they threw the ball on 77% of their plays against Mississippi State.

LSU appears to be trending heavily in this one in the odds. Call me crazy (which I'm sure a lot of you won't, because you feel the same way), but I'm fine with that. This is setting up to be similar to so many other games where Auburn struggled before it and everyone questioned them. Of course, there have been plenty where that questioning was justified, too.

In "quote taken slightly out of context that can be used on the bulletin board, Volume 2," an LSU defensive back says they fully expect Jeremy Johnson to throw them at least one interception. Saying they believe they can pick a pass off isn't really bulletin board worthy, but saying "he should be able to throw us one -- if not, hand it to us" is what puts it over the top.