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College and Magnolia On Apple News App

Do you want another way to read College and Magnolia? Well here you go!

Stephen Lam/Getty Images

If you're reading this on a mobile Apple product, you can click this link provided by the folks at SB Nation. If you download the new Apple News app, just do a Google search for Auburn Tigers or for College and Magnolia in particular and set us as one of your favorites!

This doesn't really change anything for anyone else or if you're reading it on a browser (desktop or mobile), but it does provide a way for you to get updates from us without having to use a mobile browser when you're on the go. It's a nice format and it's quick and easy to check and see what new stories we have out for you if you have an iPhone or iPad.

The only downside is some of the gifs aren't as mobile-friendly. Hopefully we can figure out a way to get that working smoother so you don't miss out on any of Peggy or WarRoom Eagle's awesome gif usage. It also doesn't really work with the story streams. You can always save particular articles, though, which is nice, and come back so them using that.

For a quick tutorial, when you open the app and search "Auburn Tigers," we should show up at the top of the Channels!

From there, save us as a Favorite, and we'll show up in your list there.

Click on the thumbnail, and the site will look like this.

Open up an article, and enjoy some awesome Auburn football news!