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Link sAUsage: 18 September 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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You can now read College and Magnolia through the Apple News app on iOS9! It's pretty nifty. Favorite us. Follow along.


The #4 ranked Tigers begin their 2015/16 season against UT-Martin up in Tennessee.


The official site has a profile of fantastic Auburn freshman keeper Sarah Le Beau, who is having a pretty good first season, so far.


The women's tennis team is going to Miami for a fall tournament with a number of ACC schools and Ohio State.


The ladies face a tough test this weekend as they'll face the #1 team in the land at the USF Invitational.


Emily reviewed the performance of the Tigers on pre-season watch lists again and updates you on who had a good week and was recognized by some national folks.

Matt took on the serious preview of LSU for us. He's got some good words of wisdom regarding that game and what needs to happen for Auburn to come away victorious.

Bobby Barkley took on the tolling questions of the LSU site And The Valley Shook in their other half of the opponent Q&As. He did much better than I ever could have with it. He also took part in their Geaux Show podcast, which is a scream.

Want to see where Auburn fits into Bill C's F/+ picks? Well he's got the complete set, here.

The team sure feels confident in their quarterback going into LSU. That's good to hear. I really think he's going to be just fine and may finally see things click into place this weekend in Baton Rouge.

The official site has a piece on Auburn's leading tackler from last season and the current leader for this season: Johnathan Ford. Ford, of course, is the one who made the comment about tackling Fournette earlier this week that folks spoke of as "bulletin board" material. Someone pointed this gem out on Twitter, yesterday: has "five burning questions and a prediction" with one of the LSU beat writers. has also been killing it this week with the long articles. First was Brandon Marcello's work on the Cigar Game from Wednesday, then yesterday James Crepea wrote an in depth piece on Duke Williams and his past in Louisiana.

The ESPN blog debates the Auburn vs LSU game along with some other games in the SEC this weekend. I think there are some other ones going on. Maybe.

Y'all, why do people do stupid things like suggest an resolution in the Alabama legislature that outlaws pre-noon kickoffs? That's just dumb and it makes us look dumb.