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The Operations Order: FRAGORD 3, LSU Tigers

The third addition to my series. I've added in how to watch, stream, listen, etc to the "Signal" section, and I'm trying to make it a bit more humorous in places.

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The base OPORD for the 2015 football season can be found here. FRAGORD 1: Louisville can be found here. FRAGORD 2: Jacksonville State is here.  Remember, this is a work in progress. I welcome suggestions for changes.

FRAGORD 3: Louisiana State Tigers

Time Zone Used Throughout: Central Daylight Time.

Light and Weather Data: Full daylight visibility should be in effect during the early portion of the game, though it will fade into twilight near the end of the game and electric illumination will be necessary. Currently there is zero chance of precipitation, game temperatures should hover near 93 degrees with heat index at 97. Humidity should be around 40%, winds NNW at 6mph.

Terrain: Natural grass.


a) Enemy -

Intelligence reports indicate the enemy is a highly talented conference foe capable of inflicting serious damage on the Auburn Tigers' ability to complete their 2015 mission. Weapons include a mobile quarterback, top-level running back, tenacious defensive line led by one of the more motivating coaches in college football, and a very strong defensive secondary unit. The Most Likely Course of Action is that LSU will attempt to pound the football on the ground using their star running back and wear away at the Auburn defense while using their defensive line and secondary to pressure the Auburn offense into mistakes. The Most Dangerous Course of Action is that they employ a zone-read based offense mixed with play action passes to confuse the Auburn defense while attacking Auburn's offense relentlessly.

b) Friendly -

(1) Higher Unit Mission Two Levels Up: No Change

(2) Higher Unit Mission One Level Up: No Change

c) Civil Considerations:

The local population will be relatively friendly to Auburn fans prior to the game, but expect things to turn very hostile once the game starts.

d) Attachments & Detachments:

Attachments: Auburn University Marching Band, Auburn Cheerleaders, Aubie the Tiger

Detachments: Unknown at this time. Suspected starting Buck/DE Carl Lawson may be a detachment due to injury


The Auburn Tigers Football Team competes against the Louisiana State Tigers on 19 September 2015 at 2:30pm CDT at Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge, LA in order to advance towards the SEC Championship Game and the College Football Playoff.


a) Concept of the Operation.

The football team will play four quarters of fast, physical football against the LSU Tigers with each portion of the team performing special duties  assigned to them.

Scheme of Maneuver.

The operation will consist of multiple phases. Phase 1- the planning and preparation phase - began with Sunday's practice following the Jacksonville State game and will end when the team departs for the Remain Over Night (RON) site on Friday afternoon. Phase 2 - the travel phase - begins upon departure for the RON site and ends with Tiger Walk. Phase 3 - the execution phase - begins upon arrival at Tiger Stadium and consists of pre-game warm-ups and game activity. It will end upon completion of the contest. Phase 4 - the recovery phase - begins with post-game locker-room activities and ends upon the team's arrival back at the athletic facility in Auburn.

Offense, the main effort, will attack the LSU defense using power-runs and play-action passes. The focus should be on RUNNING THE DANG BALL, PAAAAAAWWWWWL. A healthy dose of Peyton Barber & Company should be applied, along with deep shots to open up the defense, check-downs upon covered receivers, and quick screens. Returning to focusing on pace should help Auburn wear down a relatively young and inexperienced LSU defensive line.

Defense, a supporting effort, will employ fast/physical assaults on the opponent's offense. LSU's offensive game plan will likely consist primarily of ground assaults using Leonard Fournette. There is a chance, given Auburn's struggles with it, that they will employ more zone read schemes. The defensive line of Auburn should focus on filling run gaps and containing the edges. QB Brandon Harris only threw for 71 yards against Mississippi State, but look for LSU to attempt to throw the ball a bit more against Auburn.

Special Teams, a supporting effort, will conduct all kicking and returning duties. Weather should have little affect on any kicking games. The return team should provide holes for the return man. If possibly, Johnathan Ford should return most kickoffs given his success the previous week. All advantages should be taken if it is observed that the opposing team has "only fat guys" on the field.

b) Task to Subordinate Units

(1) Offense. Task: Conduct fast/physical hurry-up, no-huddle offensive maneuvers via ground and air attacks. Purpose: Move the ball into scoring position in order to score more points than the opponent.

(2) Defense. Task: Conduct attacking defensive schemes to block the opponent from moving the football toward the end-zone. Purpose: Prevent the opposing offense from scoring more points than the Auburn offense.

(3) Special Teams. Task: Conduct all kicking and returning activities. Purpose: To score points via the kicking and return game while preventing the opponent from scoring points via there special teams.

c) Coordinating Instructions

(1) Priority Intelligence Requirements (PIR): Opposing team signals, tendencies, etc. Only to be obtained through ethical, legal means.

(2) Commander's Critical Information Requirements (CCIR): Injury to an Auburn football player. Loss of Auburn signals to the opposing team.

(3) Friendly Force Intelligence Requirements (FFIR): Health of all players on the Auburn football team. Any issues that affect team chemistry. Status of uniforms and equipment. Status of communications equipment.

(4) Essential Elements of Friendly Information (EEFI): Play calls, signals, game plans, exact injury status of any wounded players.

(2) Timeline

Times will be adjusted based on subsequent operations.

Sunday-Thursday: Practice/Preparation

Friday: Time UNK. Depart for RON site

Saturday: 12:15pm, Tiger Walk between Gates 12 and 14

Saturday: 12:30pm, Auburn Will Call opens

Saturday: H - 1:00, Pre-game warm-ups

Saturday: H Hour: 2:30pm, Game Begins


a) Logistics

(1) Supply: No change

(2) Transportation: Charter Bus will take the team from Auburn to the RON site and return the team to Auburn after the game

b) Personnel

No change

c) Medical

SEC Medical Observers will monitor each game for possible concussion issues. MEDEVAC is available upon request


a) Command - No Change

b) Signal

1) Call Signs - No Change

2) Challenge / Password - No Change

3) Running Password - No Change

4) Frequencies


Stream: CBS

Internet Audio: Auburn IMG Network

Satellite Radio: Sirius, XM 80

The time is now FOOTBALL. What are your questions?