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How to Watch Auburn vs LSU live, online, time, TV Schedule, and more

The information you need to know for watching the 2015 version of Auburn vs LSU in Baton Rouge. Comments are closed for this article due to the number of spam accounts that constantly post illegal streaming information.

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For a fun version of this, check out my Operations Order / Fragmentary Order version. I've started including all of the times, TV channels, links, radio information, etc in there, as well.

For those of you who are not a fan of Verne and Gary... I'm sorry. This will be the second of Auburn's three games so far this season carried on CBS with Verne and Gary in the booth. I recommend preparing yourselves to sync up the TV with Rod and Stan on the radio or internet.

Auburn is looking to snap a long losing streak in Baton Rouge this weekend. It's been since 1999 that Auburn has left the bayou with a victory. LSU fans (what few were left in the stadium to actually see it when a few players went out on the field and took pictures) are still ticked off about the celebratory victory cigars. It makes no sense, to me. You'd think they'd be honored that Auburn thought that much of the game to feel it worthy of a celebratory cigar.

Don't forget to join in with us in the Open Thread for the game once it's been published, tomorrow. It'll go up about 30 minutes prior to kickoff.

War Eagle!

How to Watch, Stream, Listen

When: 3:30pm EST / 2:30pm CDT


Stream: CBS

Internet Audio: Auburn IMG Network

Satellite Radio: Sirius, XM 80