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Auburn vs LSU Staff Predictions

The College and Magnolia staff give their thoughts

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It's prediction time! This is also here for your early morning thread should there be any college football things worthy of talking about prior to this afternoon's Auburn game.


Auburn 10


I know Gus has been more vanilla than a nilla wafer with the play calling in the first two games. It has almost cost us. But, the team is still 2-0 and most of the problems seem correctable. The OL hasn't played bad, but not particularly great either. They have to get the OG situation shuffled out and be more consistent. Too many holding penalties that are killing drives. The WRs have to start blocking on the perimeter to help the run game too. I do think the offense starts to look a little better this week. JJ can be effective if he will stop throwing to the other team. I am begging Gus to institute more underneath slants into the passing game.
Defense has to stay in their gaps this week or it will be another long day. And please for all things holy and sacred can we stop giving an 8 yard cushion to receivers on 3rd and 7?

Everyone is counting AU out this week. Auburn has typically played very well when it is backed into a corner. If we can somehow manage to hold Fournette under 100 (I might settle for <150), then I think Auburn's offense and special teams can find a way to make this a close game at the end.

27-24 Tigers. My color vision is as cloudy as JJ's right now and I don't know if that is the Orange & Blue Tigers or the Gold & Purple version.

Dr Z

I suppose we can call this an "if" game.  If games are usually bad news.  There are lots of ifs for Auburn in Baton Rouge.

If Auburn can slow down Fournette, if Auburn can take LSU out of its comfort zone, if Carl Lawson is healthy, etc Auburn has a chance.

The biggest if is Jeremy Johnson.  And let's face facts, he's been iffy.  He has to have his head on straight for Auburn to have a chance.  If he can come out and be the quarterback we expected Auburn wins.

I think Auburn's defense slows LSU down, but I don't see JJ turning it around.

Auburn 13
Carnies 17


If Auburn can score 24, I feel comfortable that we will win the game.  That shouldn't feel like such a big if.  I refuse to pick Auburn to lose in a toss-up game so Auburn 24 LSU 20.

Bobby Barkley

Auburn 27
LSU 23

God bless our patron saint of football insurance, Daniel Carlson.


I think this is going to be a very good game. That's about the best I can say. Although I can see it going in any number of ways. I honestly wouldn't be surprised at absolutely any outcome. What I believe will happen is that we're subject to an old fashioned Auburn vs LSU game. There will be a lot of slobber-knocking, and there will be some strangeness. There's going to be a questionable call or two that plays a big part in the game. The final score will be close.

Who wins? I honestly have no clue. But I think the final will be 31-24.