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Auburn vs LSU Game Open Thread

It's time for Tiger Bowl 2015. Join in the conversation

Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

We knew this game was going to be tough. We knew there were a lot of questions. Unfortunately, one of them was answered today with the announcement that Carl Lawson did not travel with the team and will not play. It sound as if the other injured Tigers will be playing, though.

What's intriguing is that it's been reported that Maurice Swain and Cameron Toney will start on the defensive line. I'm assuming Toney will be in the Buck position and Swain will replace Russell in the starting lineup. It's hard to imagine Adams not starting after how much of a beast he's been in breaking through to force pressure.

If you're looking for a silver lining, we didn't have Lawson last year against LSU, either. As formidable as Fournette is my biggest worry is still the offense. Fournette will gain a lot of ground, true, but I'm more worried LSU will be able to keep the ball out of the Auburn offense's hands, and then what will the offense do when it DOES have the ball.

Either way, it's time to find out. Join in on the conversation with us here in the comments, below. It's a road game and very few (if any) of us made the trip to Baton Rouge, so it should be a lively conversation.

War Eagle!