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Wednesdays with (Oscar) Whiskey: S03E01

In the season 3 premier of Wednesday's with (Oscar) Whiskey, Oscar gets lost in his own thoughts!

No, Rhett! It's season three!
No, Rhett! It's season three!
John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that is it from me this week.  I hope you all enjoyed a glimpse into my daily life.  It really is this strange at times.  Also, felt like trying something a little different this time around, so I hoped you enjoyed it.  I have never written anything in this kind of format before (which is pretty damn obvious) so I am still kind of figuring this out as I go.  It is actually kind of fun, surprisingly and a little easier.  Still need to write more words to get to minimum word count.  So, how was everyone's summer?  Mine was okay.  Got a new job, which is great!  Car got flooded, that wasn't so great.  Holy crap!  How many more words do I need?  Not a real professional way to finish this... Anyway, be sure to turn in next week!  Same Whiskey time!  Same Whiskey channel!  College and Magnolia dot com!