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Link sAUsage: 2 September 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Tote that Roc!
Tote that Roc!
John Reed-USA TODAY Sports


Auburn soccer had a fantastic weekend once again, and AU_Jonesy has an excellent break down of the weekend's events. Hopefully the fun continues this weekend!


Yep, baseball. The Tigers began their fall practice season, yesterday. There are some new faces that hope to make an impact for the Tigers on the Diamond in 2015.


The Tigers remain unbeaten for the 2015 season with a 3-0 victory over Florida A&M.


Cross Country season began yesterday, and the men and women both swept the event in Birmingham against Alabama and Samford.


Yesterday was a busy one on the site! First, Peggy returns with the season's first Undercover Barner! She's got a lot to catch you up on about things that have happened since January.

Auburn football released their first depth chart of the season, yesterday. There's some very interesting things in there you should check out. Shortly afterwards, Gus Malzahn met with the media and discussed the depth chart and a few other things.

This is from Sunday, but it's still so hilarious I had to include it, again... you, our readers and commenters, are the best grammarians of any other SB Nation site for teams in the Top 25.

In other depth chart news the offensive MVP of A-Day, Myron Burton, has left the football team. It was a mutual decision according to Gus Malzahn, but I don't know what that may mean, exactly.

Interested in reading what the top five "trap games" facing SEC teams? Well, gives their opinion on just what those might be, and Auburn is listed in there.

Does Auburn run a spread offense? Well, maybe. But don't think it's a "finesse" type spread. It's still based on power. ESPN has an excellent write-up on what Auburn and Ohio State do and how it still focuses on hard-nosed football.

Hype and expectations? That's not worrying the Auburn Tigers. Well, at least it's not worrying the football team. You can bet it has Auburn fans anxious as all get out.