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College Football Knockout Times: Week 3

Reminder: A knockout occurs after the losing team's last offensive play while within one score (8 points).

The Cowboys gave the Jaguars the quickest KO of the season so far.
The Cowboys gave the Jaguars the quickest KO of the season so far.
Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Another week, another list of college football KO times. And once again, I just have a list of how the last week went. Next week, I'll start averaging the KO times to make a rudimentary ranking.

For more info on what a KO is and why I'm doing it, click here. For more info on what KO times have looked like since 2005, click here.

Now, to the chart...

KOs Week 3

Download .CSV file with KOs and Margin of Victory for Weeks 1 through 3

As we move into conference play, the games get a little more competitive. Four fewer games lasted into the second half compared to last week. 14 games lasted into the final two minutes in Week 2. 19 games lasted that long this week. And just look at all those games that lasted until the final whistle.

Now, to the weekly awards...

Ronda Rousey Award

(quickest KO)

Rousey Week 3

Oklahoma State achieved the quickest KO of the season with a KO time of 58:04 over UTSA. It was almost good enough to jump into the top-ten all-time. The Cowboys returned a fumble for a touchdown on the Roadrunners' third play. UTSA lost another fumble on their second drive, but Oklahoma couldn't score on that one. They had to run two whole plays to do so.

Charlotte won a Rousey in Week 1, but Middle Tennessee turned the tables in Week 3. Though they were forced to punt on their first possession, the Blue Raiders scored on just two plays on its next two possessions after forcing consecutive three-and-outs on defense.

LSU nearly scored a touchdown on the first play from scrimmage (with a little help from the refs). Auburn had a decent drive going just after, but an inexplicable fumble while the quarterback was starting his throwing motion ended it. LSU scored on the next drive too and never looked back.

Floyd Mayweather Award

(win without a KO)

Mayweather Week 3

As I mentioned earlier, lots of teams won without a KO. It happened five times in Week 2, but nine times this week. Nothing as fun as Toledo beating Arkansas, though, unless the Rockets beating the Iowa State Cyclones counts. Hey, that's two Mayweathers in a row for Toledo! On the other hand, that's two defeats without a KO for Colorado State. Hang in there, Rams! And sorry about your mascot.