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Link sAUsage: 22 September 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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Some care calling Auburn freshman basketball player Horace Spencer a Dennis Rodman clone. As long as we're talking about his on-court persona, I am more than happy with that. In fact, I'll be thrilled.


To make things a bit easier and to unclutter the site just below the front page, I've created a section for 2015 Auburn Football. That section will only contain the story streams for each week, so if you're looking for a specific article within a certain game week, you can go to that section, find the week, and then look in the story stream. I'll leave the previous week's stream up just below the front page until we publish the story stream for the upcoming week.

Blake has some pretty good TAKES for you, this week. Dr Z's Hindsight post echoes many of the same things. This weekend's game sure is going to be interesting. It really could be the game that defines the season. We'll have more on that topic from Tuco a bit later this morning.

Auburn didn't fall victim to the Ronda Rousey Award for Fastest Knockout this week, thankfully. It was close, though. There were quite a few contenders for the Floyd Mayweather Award for winning without a knockout, though. WarRoom Eagle has all of the week's Knockouts, here.

So somewhere along the way, someone mentioned that Auburn's receivers are still struggling with the deep ball. I... Just... Now wait a minute... WHAT DEEP BALL!?!? With the exception of a few times, Auburn hasn't exactly been throwing it deep. Maybe that's a practice issue, though. Maybe no one has emerged as a consistent threat on the deep ball in practice and that's why we haven't seen it much in the games.

Chadd Scott of the new SEC site "Gridiron Now" argues that it's in Johnson's best interest for Gus Malzahn to bench Jeremy Johnson, right now. It's a fine line, to me. I've seen Auburn rock the confidence of quarterbacks like Jason Campbell in the past by benching them. Scott's point is more to Jeremy's psyche when getting booed if he throws another bad interception. I hope Auburn folks won't do that, but I also should probably know better.

Dak Prescott isn't expecting anything too complex from Auburn's defense this weekend. I really can't say that I disagree with him, honestly.

Gus's weekly Tiger Talk appearance was last night. Of note are that he hopes to know more about Carl Lawson in the next few days and that Jovon Robinson tweaked his ankle again against LSU. He also highlighted Kerryon Johnson's performance. I really think we'll be seeing more of #21 as the season rolls along.

The Homecoming game against San Jose State has a kickoff time and network, now. It will be the 3pm SEC Network game on October 3rd.