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Gus Malzahn Announces Sean White to Start at Quarterback for Auburn and Carl Lawson Injury More Significant

Gus met with the media, today. The tweets and reports were dominated by two issues.

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Well, hey, there's some really big news. On both sides of the ball.

Sean White is going to be the starter. Whew boy. I don't know what to expect, there. A redshirt freshman starting his first game against an SEC opponent and a Manny Diaz defense.

The other really big news (and possibly much more impacting) is that Carl Lawson will miss extended time. It's time for Holland and Cowart to show why they were so highly recruited. White stepping in as the starter is big, but Lawson was an absolute force on the line against Louisville. Losing him has been a big hole in the defense.

Because the press conference and reporters were dominated by the White news, check here for more complete details on what all Gus said in his press conference.