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Link sAUsage: 23 September 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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Former Auburn swimming and diving coach David Marsh has been named the women's coach for the 2016 US Olympic Team.


Well, yesterday was quite the day, wasn't it? Let's just start with the beginning. Tuco started the morning pondering whether the Mississippi State game was a "must win" for the Tigers.

Then the bombshell dropped. During his morning press conference, Gus Malzahn announced that Sean White will start at quarterback for Auburn against Mississippi State. That wasn't the only big news he dropped, though. He also confirmed the fears that have been going around that Carl Lawson's injury is worse than expected and the Tigers have to hope he returns before the end of the season.

WarRoom Eagle cut up the A-Day footage for quick watching earlier this season, and that proved useful. We threw up a quick post with the video and some time stamp links to let Auburn fans get a look at Sean White in the only collegiate-level footage available on White.

WarRoom Eagle also wrote a post about Auburn's offense so far this season. He originally wrote it before the Sean White announcement, but the general analysis of Auburn's first three games holds true as the Tigers really haven't shown much in the way of an identity.

Of course, the Sean White news set off a flurry of articles and video analysis all over the media. posted the always fun "five things you need to know" about Sean White and pondered whether the Tigers made the right choice. USAToday says it's the move Auburn had to make and was the right choice. The ESPN SEC blog examined five things that went wrong with Jeremy Johnson's tenure at QB.

Blake Countess and Shon Coleman met with the media yesterday morning, as well. It's in Coleman's comments on the sacks that you can see that the change needed to be made at this point for the team, as well. It's a tough situation. I - and I'm sure every Auburn fan - want the best for Jeremy Johnson and would love to see him come back from this whole situation strong, but we're also all going to be pulling for Sean White to be successful, too.

In the audio/video realm, Finebaum (FINEBAUM ALERT) and Danny Kannell discussed the move. Kannell also discussed it on his radio show with Ryan Russillo. In the midst of a lot of other topics, Trent Dilfer even addressed the Sean White situation. Dilfer saw White during his recruitment. Tom Luginbill weighed in it, as well. Former Auburn player (and now one of the better analysts out there) Cole Cubelic spoke with Finebaum (FINEBAUM ALERT) about Auburn's game plan for Week 4.

In the realm of "can we let the guy actually get a snap in before making comparisons," a QB guru is making comparisons between Sean White and Tom Brady. No, I'm not kidding. It's nice to see people think highly of him, but come on.

There's also video on the Carl Lawson situation, which hasn't been getting near the press it deserves because of the quarterback announcement. The Tigers are going to need to find someone to step up to take Lawson's place or at least try to fill his shoes a bit.

How did former Tigers in the NFL fare this weekend? Many of them fared quite well, actually.