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Link sAUsage: 24 September 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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Edit to put in here that PEGGY PASSED THE BAR. Congrats to her!


Coming to town for the games? Want to eat at the Wellness Kitchen. Well, it's going to be open for Friday night dinners for two games this season, and is open for brunch every home game weekend.


Oscar Whiskey, and Auburn, had a flat tire this week. That's the theme of this week's post. I really wish we could find a way to film these "scripts" in a noir sort of format. That would make them even more fun.

A sponsored "theme" post has been on a number of SB Nation sites of late. It's on "Perfect Combinations." I struggled for a week with what I could say Auburn's was. I was hoping for clarity after the LSU game. In a way, I found it.

Gus Malzahn said Jeremy Johnson lost the confidence he had during spring and summer, and that has been a big part of his woes. It's obvious he wasn't the same person over the last few games. I'm not even sure when you can say it happened. Maybe that first interception against Louisville. He certainly looked fine on that first touchdown drive in that game, even though it was a short field.

Blake Countess says the defense will move forward following their performance against LSU in Week 3. It's going to be interesting to see just what they can do now that we know Carl Lawson is going to be out for an extended period of time.

Do you want to look back at one of the ugliest games in the long and storied history of the Auburn / Mississippi State series? You know you do. Yep, it's time to relive "3-2."

Kirk Herbstreit weighed in the Jeremy Johnson / Sean White situation, along with a number of other things in the SEC.

What will the plan be for Sean White this weekend? Cole Cubelic and Matt Scalici broke things down in the film room.

Someone else who knows something about being named the starting quarterback at Auburn - Gabe Gross - wrote an article about the experience that was published by the Montgomery Advertiser.

Dan Mullen says the quarterback change doesn't affect Mississippi State's game plan for Auburn. I'm sure he's telling the truth, too, since it's not like Auburn has shown great consistency and identity with Jeremy Johnson, so there was no telling what Auburn was going to do on offense in the first place. So, they planned for everything. I'm also certain Mullen and his staff were preparing for the possibility of facing Sean White before the announcement was made.

What is the third option at quarterback for Auburn? On the depth chart it's Jonathan Wallace, but my money would be on Jason Smith if it actually comes to that.

Will Muschamp spoke to the media last night and he had some eye-opening things to say. There will be different personnel on the field Saturday night against Mississippi State than there have been is a big one. True freshman Jeremiah Dinson tweeted something about being thankful for an opportunity, so I'm guessing that means he's going to be one of those starting. Other big news included TJ Davis is back practicing and awaiting final clearance to play. That's amazing to come back from an ACL injury that quickly. It must not have been too serious. A familiar theme from last season came up, too: bad communication. Maybe Ellis Johnson was on to something. That really makes me wonder whether some of the younger guys won't be playing a lot more in the defensive backfield and at the linebacker slots, this Saturday.