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How to Watch Auburn vs Mississippi State Live, Online, Time, TV Schedule, and More

The Tigers take on the Bulldogs tomorrow night in lovely Jordan-Hare Stadium.

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Sean White at an April 11th scrimmage
Sean White at an April 11th scrimmage
Zach Bland / Auburn Athletics

It is shaping up to be quite the game. Will the Tigers' defense perform better with new faces on the field who are hungry? Can Sean White lead the Auburn offense to success? Can Auburn stop Dak Prescott?

We'll find out, tomorrow. If you want to read all of the things we've done so far for the Mississippi State game, be sure to check out the story stream.

If you're not going to be coming to town for the game, don't forget our handy TV Guide to let you know what games are coming on earlier in the day for you to watch. There are some decent games on, but really nothing spectacular.

If you ARE coming to the game, then be loud, be supportive, and cheer the Tigers on no matter what happens!

How to Watch, Stream, Listen

When: 6:30pm


Stream: WatchESPN

Internet Radio: Auburn IMG Network

Satellite: Sirius 190, XM 190

Prediction Widget

This is a new little tool courtesy of "The Crowd's Line." You can predict the score to tomorrow's game, and then come back and check in later! I'm going to leave comments open for this one in case you want to give your predictions, there, but I'll have the staff predictions up in the early morning hours. Be warned, though. Leaving comments open on this one are going to lead to spam bots posting illegal streams. I'll try to kill them as quick as I see them, but they'll just keep posting more.