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Auburn Fires Sunny Golloway And More Link sAUsage! 28 September 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the internet

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So, um, some things happened. Like, we, uh, fired our baseball coach. Firing a baseball coach in September - just days after fall ball began - is less than optimal. Just why it happened is up in the air, but the rumor du jour is for violating some of the NCAA's practice regulations. It's a rather weak reason, if true, but it's seemed many have wanted Golloway gone since the end of his first season (and maybe even before).

From how Oklahoma fans were treating his leaving - with enthusiasm - we should have known things were never likely to end well. It really makes you question how much Jay Jacobs did his homework on Golloway before the hire or if he only saw the post season appearances and a trip to the College World Series. Golloway is, of course, disputing the firing and saying that he did nothing wrong. This is surely going to end well.


There was some great news in basketball over the weekend, too, as the Tigers picked up a 5* 2017 commit in Center Austin Wiley. Wiley is the first commit for 2017 and a definite keystone to build that class around.


It was a fantastic weekend for Auburn Soccer, as the Tigers took on two ranked SEC opponents and won them both in dramatic fashion. First was a Golden Goal winner in the second overtime against LSU and then came a goal with thirty seconds remaining against Florida to seal the victory. The final of both matches was 3-2. War Eagle, Ladies!


The Tigers could not get the job done against Misssissippi State on Saturday. It wasn't a blowout or a horrific performance, though. As I wrote following the game, I'm actually feeling much better about the rest of the season after Saturday night than I was after the Jacksonville State game even though we lost.

The defense played much better against Mississippi State than it has in the previous three games. They only allowed three points in the second half, which is a significant improvement. There were new faces in the game - including Carlton Davis and Jeremiah Dinson getting starts as true freshmen - and there's going to be some more position changes before next week according to Will Muschamp on Sunday evening.

I'm not sure on the injury to Roc Thomas after Saturday's game, but one thing Will Muschamp did say for injuries is that Tre Williams is expected back in practice on Tuesday. Tre made two straight fantastic plays before going down with his injury. Hopefully he comes back strong and gets back to playing at that same level.

Auburn opens as a three touchdown favorite over San Jose State. That's being generous given what we've seen over the past few weeks, but maybe folks in Vegas think Auburn is turning the corner, as well. The offensive production did increase in Saturday's game, but as I pointed out repeatedly after the game, the Tigers just couldn't convert in the red zone.

That's it for today. There's a ton of stuff out there, but I put these together the night before and Sunday nights are never nights where I want to spend too much time siting at the computer compiling all of these. There will be a few commentaries on this game and the season coming your way over the next day or so, plus the usual stuff.

War Eagle. Always.