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Link sAUsage: 3 September 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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There's some pretty cool things going on with Auburn's #11 ranked Women's Soccer team. They're using technology in all sorts of interesting ways. And Friday night is International Student Night. I'm still waiting on those awesome scarves to go on sale. I want one. I'd also love one of the jerseys. Get on that, UnderArmour!


Oscar Whiskey is back! He's got a new idea for how he's going to handle Wednesday posts this season that you should really check out. I think it'll be pretty fun.

WarRoom Eagle finished up his preseason Xs and Os posts explaining various aspects of the Auburn offense with a discussion on rolling the QB out of the pocket. If you're a bit behind on it all, you can catch up in this story stream.

I began a little project yesterday attempting to preview games using the military's Operations Order process. In that post I merely wrote a base order for the 2015 football season. I'm trying to decide how I'm going to handle the rest of the season. I'm debating making it previews of the actual games or previews of the general festivities for fans. We cover the games in a number of ways, so we'll see how it works out. I welcome any thoughts in the comments on that article or here.

Going to Saturday's game? Need information on parking, tailgating, etc? Well, as always, the official site is chock full of information!

Like to bet on college football? Not my thing, but I know some enjoy it. SB Nation says to take the Tigers over Louisville to win big.

Auburn is finding the comfort level with Jeremy Johnson. He's been preparing for this moment for years. I think he'll step up in a big way on the big stage.

Roc Thomas is listed as Running Back #1 on the Depth Chart, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's the #1 back for the season. He's just earned the right to take the first carries, according to Rhett Lashlee. All of the running backs - including freshman Kerryon Johnson - will tote the rock against Louisville. GO FOR THE THROAT, GUSTAV. USE THEM ALL. WEAR THEM DOWN. CRUSH OUR ENEMIES AND HEAR THE LAMENTATIONS OF ok, sorry, got a little caught up there in imagining Auburn's running game.

Jerry Hinnen for previewed the Auburn vs Louisville game. I think Jeremy has a pretty fairly balanced outlook on the game, even though he's a massive Auburn fan. Of course, that could just be the homer in me talking.

Bruce Feldman examines 10 (non QB) players who will have an effect on the playoff. Duke is on the list. Of course.

Who will be on Upset Alert first? Alabama or Auburn? examines the question. I'd honestly say Alabama because I'm a homer, but I honestly don't know how the new Wisconsin coach is going to do.

In season projections, has Auburn projected into the playoff. Expectations are definitely high.

ESPN videos! Auburn is on the list of three games in the opening week that could shape the Playoff race. Then there's a closer examination of the Louisville game. The Tigers also make up a part of their feature on teams capable of winning the College Football Playoff. In player features, Tom Luginbill has a high opinion of true freshman Byron Cowart.

It's a brief mention among other SEC predictions, but ESPN's SEC blog is excited to see the Jeremy Johnson era begin. ESPN also examines the weaknesses of the predicted playoff contenders. Oh, and a side bar conversation of this weekend's game is how many players participating in it used to play for Georgia.