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How to Watch Auburn Tigers vs Louisville Cardinals Live, Online, Time, TV Schedule, and More

It's time. Let's do this.

John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Football. That joyous sport. Eight months ago the sun set on the first season of the College Football Playoff era. Urban Meyer and the Ohio State Buckeyes - having vanquished the Crimson Tide and Oregon Ducks - hoisted the trophy high. Then came the long period of waiting.

Every year we grasp at every news story for the slightest bit of information in the offseason about our team, and, admittedly, often our rivals. We hope for great news for us and bad news for them (though never of the injury variety; if you hope for injuries, you need need to check your priorities). We drink in spring practice reports and spring games like the football methadone that it is. We long for fall camp. We count down the days to the season's beginning.

It really began last Saturday with an amazing FCS matchup. It got into full swing with a slate of great games on Thursday evening. Now, though, it's Friday night. The team is on the way to Atlanta as I type this. With the traffic they may not arrive until after it's published, but they'll be close. Despite rampant rumors and speculations that a certain linebacker would be suspended, he was seen boarding the bus making the trip to Atlanta.

Sleep easy tonight, Auburn fans. Tomorrow we get to see Jeremy Johnson throw the football. We get to see Roc Thomas running the ball. We get to see Duke catch it.

We get to see Will Freakin' Muschamp back on the Auburn sidelines yelling BOOOOM and getting hyped up.

We get to see Arthur Gustav Malzahn, III, the Mad Scientist of Football, unleash an offense with a QB he's been grooming for two years.

War Eagle.

How to Watch, Stream, Listen

Where: Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA

When: 3:30 EST / 2:30 CDT


Stream: (free!)

Listen: Auburn IMG Network