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Link sAUsage: 8 September 2015

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

Barber running behind his H-back. Of which we have two excellent ones.
Barber running behind his H-back. Of which we have two excellent ones.
Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports


They're rolling around nicely, to put it mildly. AU_Jonesy recapped the weekend that was in Auburn Soccer as they're continuing to win and keep opponents from putting the ball in the net.


New football season? That means it's time for TAKES. If you read it yesterday, be sure to check it again, today. There may be some new TAKES added in!

It's Jacksonville State week. Hardly a week for HATE as so many of the SEC weeks are. Tuco tells us all why you should not only not hate the Gamecocks, but you should love them.

Penalties were a big problem last season. They were a big problem against Louisville, too. One holding call brought back a big first down and another one killed a gorgeous touchdown pass. The coaches are mindful of this and will work to fix the problem.

Daniel Carlson was named the SEC Special Teams Player of the Week for his 56 yard field goal against Louisville. That kick was easily good from 60. It was a very impressive kick and a great start to the season for the Auburn kicker.

At Tiger Talk on Monday night, Gus named a new position on the depth chart: Field Goal Returner. He was asked why the Tigers didn't have anyone back deep when Louisville lined up for a 61 yard kick, and the name that he mentioned as the one who would have been back deep was Rudy Ford. That's interesting since Marcus Davis is the punt returner (as Chris Davis was). I think Davis as the surer hands, but Ford is the more dynamic athlete (and wouldn't have folks bearing down on him during a field goal).

Gus also agreed with Jeremy Johnson's assessment that he was a bit greedy with those three interceptions. He wanted to go with the deep ball or the big play and ignored his checks. I really believe Johnson will take his performance in that game and turn it into great things down the road.

I brought it up yesterday, but it's worth mentioning again: there were a LOT of fresh faces on the field for the Tigers in the opener. Quite a number of true and redshirt freshmen got in on the action. Normally you would take that as many of them being on special teams, but there was plenty of real game action for the new folks, as well.