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College Football Rankings: Week 2

The rankings for the second week in college football are out! See them here.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

The Polls are out! Normally this is a Sunday feature, but with games stretching over to last night, they delayed until today.

So what's of note? Well, there are a record number of SEC teams in the polls. The entirety of the SEC West is in one of them. That's pretty impressive, right there. Alabama is still the highest ranked SEC team in both polls, and Auburn is still the second highest. Auburn didn't move up or down following Saturday's game against Louisville.

AP Coaches
1 Ohio State (61) Ohio State (63)
2 Alabama Alabama (1)
4 Baylor Baylor
5 Michigan State Oregon
6 Auburn Michigan State
7 Oregon Auburn
8 USC Florida State
9 Notre Dame Georgia
10 Georgia USC
11 Florida State Notre Dame
12 Clemson Clemson
14 LSU Ole Miss
15 Georgia Tech LSU
16 Texas A&M Georgia Tech
17 Ole Miss Oklahoma
18 Arkansas Arkansas
19 Oklahoma Texas A&M
20 Boise State Arizona
21 Missouri Missouri
22 Arizona Boise State
23 Tennessee Tennessee
24 Utah Wisconsin
25 Mississippi State Utah

The Schedule:

The only ranked teams on Auburn's schedule are in the SEC. Texas A&M made a huge jump into the polls after their convincing victory over Arizona State. Mississippi State squeaks in to the AP Poll, and they're just outside (26th) the Coaches' Poll. Auburn faces seven teams ranked in the AP Poll and six teams ranked in the Coaches poll. I suspect Louisville will sneak in eventually given the way they played the Tigers this weekend. You also have to take into account that Auburn's opponent this weekend, Jacksonville State, is ranked 6th in the FCS Coaches Poll and 5th in the STATS FCS Top 25. They're no slouch of an FCS Opponent.