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Link sAUsage: 11 January 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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We're a little over a month away from first pitch, so here's a video to get you through the time between now and then!


#10 Auburn traveled out west and defeated #12 Oregon State with an excellent meet. You can read ESPN's story on it, here, or go and check out the official Auburn site's account. I'm excited to say that former AU Gymnast Megan Walker should be joining us here at College and Magnolia to recap Gymnastics meets for us going forward! Hopefully we can get her set up and spun up on everything before the next meet.


The less we say about Saturday night's basketball game the better. It was very bad. You can watch highlights from it if you want to, but I really wouldn't recommend it.

The ladies continued their tough road trip in Knoxville where they faced the #12 Tennessee Vols and fell 79-25.


I rambled a bit on some things, yesterday. A good bit of it is probably obsolete or out-of-date, now, but you can read it anyway if you want. It's on the early enrollees and staff changes.

And it was out of date late in the evening, as Phillip Marshall reported just before 11pm that J.B. Grimes is indeed heading to Cincinnati.

Have you been reading the "Season of Murphy" posts? Well, here's a Story Stream that contains all of the stories. There are three so far. I have at least 2-3 more before I'm done.

Auburn's defense needs a leader next season. Carl Lawson is an obvious choice on the line, but what about elsewhere? Sounds like it's time for Tre Williams to step up at the Linebacker spot.

What will the offensive line look like as we go forward? There's still a lot of promise to it, with how many folks Auburn redshirted this past season. Remember, Auburn signed a big 2015 class.

Yesterday was move-in day for the early enrollees, and John Franklin III is ready to get on the field and compete for Auburn's starting QB job. Will he win it? I'd put him as the favorite right now based on the thought that Gus wants to go back to a dynamic mobile QB, but he still has to prove he can run the offense.

For some reason Chadd Scott felt the need to use Tennessee's hiring of Bob Shoop as defensive coordinator as another reason to write bad things about Auburn. I get that not everything is rosy on the Plains, but that's a bit of a stretch. First, there are plenty of people who said Shoop listened and considered talking to Gus. He didn't just throw shade at Auburn. Then, just because UT hired him doesn't directly cast negative light on Auburn. Shoop has a history in the state of Tennessee. He has family there. Maybe he decided not to pursue Auburn because he knew that job might be opening up. A lot of things go into every situation, but Scott really seems to just want to write bad things about Auburn all the time right now.