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2016 Auburn Football Early Enrollees Are Now Official

With the first day of class in the books, Auburn's nine early enrollees have been announced.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

In a series of three tweets tonight, Auburn announced the 2016 early entrees.

That's a pretty spectacular haul, right there. I'm not sure Auburn has brought in this many mid-year guys, before. With the exception of 5* Marlon Davidson and 3* Tre Threat, they're all four stars, which is impressive.

Can we possibly glean any information based on the numbers? Probably not. The university says these aren't official numbers and a lot of this is photoshopped based on what they already had in stock. The majority of those displayed here are already in use.

We can't see Paul James' number, so he's out of the equation in this. Of the others, John Franklin's #5 belonged to Ricardo Louis, who has graduated. Similarly, there is no defensive player in the #52 being worn by Antwuan Jackson or offensive player with the #11 worn by Kyle Davis.

On the others, John Broussard is wearing #22, which is true freshman Tim Irvin's number. Marlon Davidson's #47 belongs to Cameron Toney. Landon Rice's #44 is used by K/P Thomas Taylor (and DB Raymond Lester). I point out both of these because I'm not sure if it's possible to have three players with the same number if they're never going to be on the field at the same time. Is a Kicker/Punter classified as offense or defense? I assume offense, since the other player in question is defense. Tre Threat's #42 belongs to DE Gimel President. Finally, Malik Miller's #32 is also WR Clay Coburn's.

So what can we figure out from this? Nothing, really. I'm willing to bet this was a case of "what works best in photoshop."

We'll have something up soon on the potential depth chart impact of these incoming players. Some of them could see the field immediately come next fall.