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Link sAUsage: 18 January 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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Aubie is once again the UCA Mascot National Champion! This marks a record 9th time that Aubie has won the award. The competition consists of a video and then a short performance. I haven't been able to find his performance video, yet, but you can watch his highlight video that he won first place in, giving him a big boost toward the overall winner.


So, nothing really big happened this weekend in basketball, right? Nothing? Oh, we beat Kentucky. Eh, that's no big deal. It's JUST THE FIRST TIME SINCE 2000 THAT IT'S HAPPENED. WAR EAGLE!!!! Seriously, that was an amazing game and it was so much fun to watch.

There's tons of stuff about it, too. Here's Bruce Pearl's pre-game speech that was played on ESPN. has a quick analysis and discussion of the fans rushing the court. Check out the official site's piece on it, with Bruce Pearl's reaction to what is definitely a signature win early on in his tenure at Auburn. Bruce Pearl loves working the media, and he spoke with Linda Cohn on SportsCenter and even gave her a "pep talk." Finally, don't miss the highlights of the game in case you weren't able to watch or just so you can relive all the best moments.

Not all was perfect in the realm of Auburn basketball this weekend, though. The ladies travelled to Lexington to once again take on the 9th ranked Wildcats. They gave Kentucky a great game, but couldn't pull off the upset in the end.


The streak continues, as Alabama once again defeated Auburn in the "Elevate the Stage" event in Birmingham. Auburn did defeat Kentucky in their home opener Friday night. The Tigers will get another shot at the Tide February 12th in Auburn. Watch highlights of Sunday's meet, here.


Rising Junior third baseman Kasey Cooper did a Q&A about Auburn's upcoming season and being named to Team USA Women's Softball.


Auburn's recruits got to do something awesome Friday night and play NCAA's Madden NFL on MOTHRATRON. That's a pretty good use of $13 million, am I right?

How about some super awesome 2016 news, though? Monty Adams is coming back! The defensive line could be set up to be pretty spectacular in 2016 if everything works out health-wise and player development-wise.

Landon Rice plans on making an impact at Auburn early on, and there's plenty of room for him to do so. Auburn had a lot of success using Robert Leff as a "tight-end" in 2015. Rice will likely take that role as a true tight-end, especially give his 6-5, 250 lbs size. He'll be able to provide the Tigers with a pass-catcher in that role, too.

It was a huge recruiting weekend here in Auburn this past weekend. Auburn had a number of official visitors in, and things seem to have gone pretty well overall. I'll try to have a wrap-up for you today, but it might be much later this evening before I get to it.

Have you seen the picture of Cam Newton's shirt with his son Chosen "dabbing " on it? Well it's out there, and it's just one more thing to get a kick out of that Cam does.