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Link sAUsage: 21 January 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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There's still Auburn basketball in town this week! The ladies welcome South Carolina tonight in what will be a big test. They're not the only game in town this weekend, though. Check out Everett's report again for all the information.


The home-court advantage of Auburn Arena played a big part in the last two Tigers' wins against Kentucky and Alabama. Bruce Pearl talked about it after the game.


Check out the latest episode of Auburn Gymnastics 360, now up online.


The Ledger-Enquirer has an in-depth look at Peyton Barber's decision to go to the NFL. It's an interesting story that definitely helps you understand why he made the decision that he did.

Meet Coach Crime Dog. Auburn's new secondary coach is Wesley McGriff, who has the greatest Twitter handle in @coachcrimedawg. It's sad how many people don't understand why that's funny, now. Almost like how I'm having to start explaining to Cadets why "Only we can prevent forests" is hilarious as the unit motto of the units that dropped Agent Orange in Vietnam (though, to be clear, there's nothing funny about Agent Orange itself; just that motto is funny). takes a look back at the best fans of 2016. I haven't taken a detailed look at it, yet, but I'm guessing me wearing the knickers for Halloween against Ole Miss doesn't show up in there. A shame, really.

They also discussed the issues facing new offensive line coach Herb Hand as he replaces Auburn's two departing starting tackles.

Well, the recruiting bit of MOTHRATRON is definitely out there. The Washington Post even posted an article about how getting recruiting by Auburn means you may get to play Madden on college football's largest scoreboard.