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Link sAUsage: 28 January 2016

News and notes from the Auburn corners of the Internet

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Auburn took on Ole Miss last night, and the result was fairly typical of an Auburn road game. It did not go well. It was a great game in the first half, but the Tigers couldn't hang with the Rebels in the second half.


Want to see some proof that Peyton Barber may have made a decent choice in going pro? He's been invited to the NFL Combine. There are so few running backs in this year's class (and next year's will be very strong) that it really is probably the best timing for him unless he wanted to wait until 2018's draft.

Herb Hand's former players have some nice things to say about him. I really do think this was an excellent hire for the Tigers, in spite of how bad Penn State's OL was at times last season.

Another look at a redshirted played from the Ledger-Enquirer! Did you forget how many players named "Davis" Auburn signed last year? Here's another one! A profile on DB Javaris Davis.

A former Texas Tech QB who was looking to transfer as a graduate student will not be visiting Auburn as he originally planned. I'm not shocked at this, and honestly I never considered him to be a legitimate option that Auburn was pursuing. I've read some statements by Auburn recruiting analysts who agree that it felt more like Webb was interesting in Auburn much more than Auburn was actually interested in Webb.

Charles Barkley opened his mouth again and said some things. The joke about Newton being a good investment for Auburn is funny, but a fair bit of the rest of it about "putting a hit on" Cam because of the way the Panthers celebrate is a bit excessive.